Friday, October 30, 2009

It's a long fall from up there...

As we all know, safety is the most important issue on a jobsite and the only way to maximize safe operation of Aerial Lifts is to be “in compliance” with National OSHA and ANSI Standards.   Does your company own and operate aerial access equipment of any kind?  According to ANSI, this includes powered scissor lifts, powered boom lifts and even manual, trailer mounted or push-around lifts.  The folks at ANSI issued guidance on aerial lift dealer, owner and operator responsibilities in the form of “Manual of Responsibilities - ANSI/SIA A92.3, 92.5 and 92.6” that you need to be aware of.  According to the 2006 standard, a copy of the appropriate manual of responsibilities must be present and stored with the machine.  If you need one, just give our parts department a call at (866) WDM-LIFT.  The manuals sell for about $5 each.

As long as you have the manual, you might as well take some time to read it.  When you do, you’ll notice that ANSI has outlined exactly what an owner or operator is responsible to do to ensure that the machine is safe for use.  In addition to making sure that your people are trained to use the equipment, you’ll need to make sure that the Quarterly and Annual Inspections are up-to-date.  ANSI specifically states,

 “The owner of an aerial platform shall ensure that a frequent inspection is performed with the manufacturer’s instructions,… 1)That was purchased Used…  2)That has been in service for three months or 150 hours, whichever comes first…  The owner of an aerial platform shall ensure that an annual inspection is performed on the aerial platform no later than 13 months from the date of the prior annual inspection.  The inspections shall be made by a person qualified as a mechanic on the specific type of aerial platform or one having similar design characteristics.”

Additionally, there is specific language outlining specifications on Fall Protection, Minimum Safe Approach Distance, PPE. Training and Record Retention among other things.  Give us a call if we can answer any questions on the new requirements or if you would like to be scheduled for the WD Matthews Quarterly and Annual Inspection Program.  Should you decide to participate in our program; WD Matthews will track and schedule the inspections on your entire aerial lift fleet regardless of size.  If training would benefit your company, see the blog from 10/20/2009 for information on Aerial Lift Operator Safety Training and Aerial Lift Train the Trainer Programs offered by WD Matthews Machinery Co.

·         Boom Lift ANSI Book – P/N 31779
·         Scissor Lift ANSI Book – P/N 44163
·         Manual Lift ANSI Book –P/N 31587

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