Tuesday, October 20, 2009

W.D. Matthews Machinery Training

On Average, 119 Fatalities are reported annually as a result of working around forklifts.  

O.S.H.A. continues to report that injuries associated with the operation of powered industrial trucks are often attributed to the following items:

1)Lack of safe operating procedures within a company
2)Insufficient supervisor and management training
3)Insufficient operator training

For these reasons, O.S.H.A and W.D. Matthews agree that the most effective method of reducing accidents and injuries in the workplace is though training of company management, supervisors and operators based on O.S.H.A operator training regulations.  We believe that having a trained safety instructor on your staff is the key to helping your operators reduce their risk and exposure to accidents and reduce your cost of operation.

Meet Dennis Richardson.  WD Matthews’ full time safety trainer.  Dennis offers both “Train-the-Trainer” and Operator Safety classes to keep you and your company safe and in compliance. We offer classes on all types of forklifts from Walkie Pallet Jacks to High Capacity Rough Terrain Telescopic Machines…  Contact us to schedule a class. 

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