Thursday, November 5, 2009

Best if used by...

Every morning when I get up and pour myself a bowl of Lucky Charms I glance at the date stamped on my gallon of milk.  Nine times out of ten things are ok and I can continue on, enjoying my sugary sweet breakfast.  Occasionally, I notice that the milk has “passed” and I like to have a heads up before I get a spoonful of nasty.  
Same goes for Liquid Propane or LP Tanks.  If you look carefully at all those little stamped numbers on the top of the tank, you’ll notice that they might actually mean something.  LP Tanks are manufactured to withstand extreme pressure of filling and discharging over and over again.  They, like anything else, have an expiration date on them.  When manufactured, typical LP Tanks have a useful life of 12 years.  Look closely at these pictures and you’ll see the stamp date that I’m referring to.  After this date has passed, they need disposed of or re-certified by an authorized and trained person, and re-stamped.  Not to mention that using expired tanks is a OSHA Violation and extremely dangerous.  The re-certification process takes time and money.

If you’re already working with a LP Vendor they’re most likely taking note of this date for you, but it may behoove you to double check.  If you’re filling your own tanks, this information is critical in helping to avoid a major workplace accident.  Please do not ignore one of the more explosive components of your forklift.  Contact us if we can offer any assistance to get your LP Tank inventory in check.

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