Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Higher Efficiency and Lower Operation Cost

WD Matthews and EnerSys introduce the EnerSys HF IQ, a state-of-the-art industrial battery charger with tremendous capability that can increase productivity and save money.  The HF IQ defies conventional wisdom in that it’s now OK to opportunity charge your forklift batteries. 
Remember the days when you had to remove a battery from operation to charge it?  How trying to get thru a shift on one charge would be difficult?  With the Enforcer HF IQ you can add increased run time by taking advantage of a forklift operator’s break time, lunch time, or shift change to charge a battery without the detrimental effect usually associated with opportunity charging.    Also, this charger is multi-voltage capable and will charge 24 volt pallet jack batteries, 36 volt reach truck batteries and even 48 volt rider truck batteries. 
Add one to your operation and you can use it as a “gas tank” for all of your electric equipment.  Furthermore, the HF IQ is extremely energy efficient and your company can reduce electricity cost by 20% or more.  This translates to an ROI of less than one year over the purchase price of a conventional charger in a single shift operation.   W.D. Matthews Machinery and EnerSys will gladly set up a demonstration so you can compare the cost savings available with the HF IQ charger.  Let us know if you’d like to try one…

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