Thursday, November 19, 2009

It takes all kinds to make the world go round III

Keeping with this week’s theme of solving unique material handling issues, I thought we’d post some pictures of a truck we recently sold to a paper recycling operation.  This company was handling 5,000lbs loads in a warehouse that was completely blanketed in scraps of paper about 3/8” wide by 1” long.  These scraps blew around everywhere and got lodged into every corner of the forklift.

Working together with CLARK, we were able to provide a solution that would minimize the amount of paper that got sucked into the engine compartment and also into the radiator.  As you can see, CLARK provided this truck with a sealed belly pan to minimize the air drawn from ground level and cut massive vents into the cowling on the machine in order to draw cooling air from a higher level where there was little loose paper.  The truck was also fitted with a radiator screen to make periodic screen cleaning easy and fast.  This truck fit the application to a “T”, and it was a great learning experience for the WDM team.  Give us a call with your material handling challenge and let us take a stab at it.

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