Friday, November 13, 2009

Triple A for your yard truck

Want a quick and easy way to save money and increase up time for any yard equipment with pneumatic tires?  Next time you're up for tire replacement, call us to put a set of solid pneumatic tires on your forklift or skidsteer.

As you can see from the pictures, a solid pneumatic tire is exactly what it sounds like, solid rubber all the way through.  This style of tire will decrease downtime from flats, keep costs down by eliminating flat repair calls and the best part is that the operators won't hardly notice a difference.  Yes, they do cost more, but next time you make a call to fix a flat tire, take a note of the amount billed.  You'll see that a set of solid pneumatics will pay for themselves.  If the forklift with a flat is essential to your operation, you also have to calculate in the lost time that occurs while waiting for the repair.Our service technicians may be quick, but you will still experience some downtime.

If you have a fairly new set of pneumatic tires on your forklift, skid steer or loader, give us a call to see if they can be foam filled.  This is the same idea, but rather than inflating the tire with air, we'll inflate it with a foam that cures to a solid in a matter of hours.  Similar benefits for less cost.

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