Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It takes all kinds to make the world go round Part 2

Does your Material Handling Business have needs that Toyota doesn’t offer as a “Standard Factory Option?” W. D. Matthews can help. Toyota has a TSDR Program that can add Non Standard Options such as steel cabs with door locks, air conditioning, and AM/FM Radios equipped with CD player. They can make the truck wider, narrower; taller or lower, they can do any paint color scheme, not to mention Mini Levers for Ergonomics. You name it they can pretty much do it! We work with a team of Engineers that turn these ideas into reality.

Let’s talk Attachments! For a lower cost to the customer we can, order any needed Attachment factory installed from Toyota. The various attachments can include a wide range of clamps, rotators, scales, forks and side shifters.

How about Electrical? They can set speed control, install shock watch systems to monitor driver “Incidents”, and can provide a unique ignition key in place of the standard ignition switch. There is even a Lift Interrupt that allows the operator to stop the mast at a predetermined lift height that is specified. The list goes on and on!

W. D. Matthews has trained professionals that will work with you and Toyota to provide the perfect equipment for the job. If you have a need give us a call.

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