Friday, November 6, 2009

Why buying a forklift is like getting married...

At first, this statement might seem odd to you.  But the more we think about our customers and our company, we realize that what we have is a committed relationship, where one party relies upon the other for specific responsibilities.  When both parties hold up their end of the bargain, the relationship becomes mutually beneficial and grows as a result.  When a company endeavors to buy a piece of equipment, they are relying on the dealer to do many things.  These “dealer duties” include treating the customer fairly and honestly, recommending the correct equipment specification, and supporting that piece of equipment and that customer for years to come.

The job doesn’t end here.  When a company buys a forklift they are relying on that piece of equipment to help them successfully move their product and if we fall short on spec, then we’ve not held our end of the bargain, and the relationship fails.  A customer spends upwards of 10, 20 or even 30 thousand dollars or more to gain productivity and help them run their business more successfully.  As with any equipment, regular maintenance and an occasional breakdown is part of ownership.  Whether we’re performing warranty adjustments or making repairs to a “down” machine, we understand that our first loyalty and responsibility is to the customer.  We act in their best interest by dispatching trained technicians with the right parts.  Our customers rely on us to perform this maintenance quickly, efficiently and honestly.  WD Matthews relies on our customers for obvious reasons, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t even be here.  Furthermore, every time we work with a customer on a specific issue, we learn something.  Our customers allow us to grow personally and professionally.  As the equipment ages and long after the checks are cashed, our representatives continue to work with the customer to provide solutions and suggestions to improve their material handling operation and as a result, their bottom line.

Our sales and customer service staff pride themselves on their knowledge of material handling efficiency, and who better to make suggestions than someone who routinely sees material handling operations from every sector of the New England economy?  When our customers realize that buying a forklift from WD Matthews allows us to add value to their business, they begin to understand that we are a business partner, and that we’re here for the long run.  A large percentage of our existing customers have been with us for decades, and they realize that WDM Representatives aren’t salespeople, they’re trusted advisors.  Consider this a proposition...

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