Friday, March 5, 2010

New Toyota 8 Series

Toyota Material Handling announces new 8 series electric forklift line.
One of the biggest changes to the new Toyota Electric forklift line is the addition of a 5,500 lb capacity truck, the 8FBCU28.  Other models that have been redesigned are the 8FBCU20, 8FBCU25, 8FBCHU25, 8FBCU30, and 8FBCU32.

Highlights of the improvements of the new Toyota 8 series four wheel electric forklift include:

Performance -
    Travel Speed has been increased by as much as 21 percent.
    Lift Speed has been increased by as much as 7 percent.

Ergonomics -
    Larger dual operator assist grips for use while traveling in reverse.
    Wider & lower first step for easier entry.
    Increased floor space.
    Full suspension seat is now standard.
    Increased forward & backward seat adjustment positions.
    Parking brake is now activated by foot pedal.
    Parking brake release is located on steering column.
    Increased fork tip visibility while sitting in a natural position.
    Seat swivels 16 degrees to the right and 17.5 degrees to the left for traveling in reverse and easier entry/exit.
    Standard anti-cinch seat belt
    Mini Levers with ergo shift and fork leveling.
    Relocated dash display.
    Lowered free lift cylinder for increased visibility.

Operation -
    Momentary hold for starting on inclines.
    Auto height selection option.
    Touchpad, keyless entry option.
    Shock sensor option.
    Auto power off option.

For the full press release, visit Toyota Material Handling USA.


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