Friday, June 25, 2010

A Little History

WD Matthews Machinery Co…  That’s a strange name for an equipment dealership, huh? 

Well, meet Walter D. Matthews, our founder.  He passed away some time ago, but his beliefs still run strong here at WDM.  WDM was founded in 1939 as a woodworking equipment business by Walter, our current owner’s grandfather.  The company grew by leaps and bounds and in 1955, began supplying forklifts and other industrial equipment to New England Area Customers.  Since then, we have become one of the area’s dominant players in the industrial equipment marketplace and have built a customer list, one by one, that spans every major sector of the New England Economy.  Through the years, WD Matthews has always been a family business and prides itself on exceptional customer service and forming long lasting relationships with our business partners.

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