Friday, June 11, 2010

WD Matthews Machinery – Environmental Initiatives

WD Matthews is committed to recycling as much of our waste as possible.  We work diligently to implement this initiative within our company and statistics for 2009 appear below…

    Industrial Battery Recycling Program
        Lead Recycling – 181,280 lbs
        Acid Recycling – 14,497 lbs
    Scrap Metal Recycling Program
        Steel and Other Metals – 285,320 lbs

    Tire Recycling Program
        Rubber Recycling – 101,200 lbs

    Waste Oil Conversion to Heat in Shop Areas
        Waste Oil – 3,800 gallons
    Antifreeze Filtration and Re-Use
        Green Antifreeze Re-claimed – 200 gallons
    Recycling of Office and Warehouse Products
        Paper, Cardboard, Toner, Computers and related accessories

We are committed to making improvements to our facilities to reduce energy consumption at WD Matthews Machinery Co.  We’ve made the following investments in 2009.

Installation of a new High Efficiency Waste Oil Burner
Installation of new electronic ballast lighting in office areas
Installation of a new High Efficiency EnerSys HFIQ Charger for shop use
Conversion to new water-based parts washers for shop use

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